Emergency room staff: Melissa, Scout & Seattle~
Perfect~  In every way.
Vineyards in June North Georgia.
Best looking boy in the South.
Georgia snow day!  Out our front door ~
Scout & Fox.
This beautiful little Girl is Emily in Germany.
Willowbee & baby
Harry Connick Jr.
Fox & Luna
< ^    A wonderful little flock male.  
Lilac pointed with blue eyes.
TICA registered and vet approved.  
HARVEY will be Swinging on a Star!
They laughed at my furry coat....
But, who's laughing now that it is COLD!
Loving & Playful, this is known as a straight coated Peterbald.
Photo by Carla Hendrick
Isn't Bubba the cutest little boy!
Photos by Carla Hendrick
~Etta is with Jesse and his Family!
RAY BAN  (straight coated PD) ~
My futures so bright I gotta wear sunglasses!
~Talita is with Ev and his family.
Cat Nappin
This near hairless boy has gone to
The loving arms of Nora in Chicago!   
Dobby above with Cracker Jack.
Above Dobby with his mother
(Tesla of Atlantis).
^   Meet Deuce Bigalow!
<  Gosh she is pretty.
And, she is going to a breeder/show home overseas.  
She has waited a long time for this princess.  
Meet Delilah.
<  ONE of a kind.  ^
Naked, female, strong, intelligent,
TICA registered and vet
approved.  We love her!
This little angel has gone to a
wonderful breeder/show home!  
Fiona knows she is hot and one of a kind.  
TICA registered and vet approved!  Fiona is

Keesito (Donovan) ^ has gone to well known and respected  
Purrfound Cattery in Canada.  
< JASMINE!  ^ Beauty and Brains, this flock girl has gone to a
beautiful little family in Colorado.  
But, you can look at her lovely, big blue eyes.
<<The Little Tiger that wasn't a tiger....
Naoime is big & strong.  This flock girl is with
The most wonderful little family!
Queen Cleopatra of Atlantis
(directly from St. Petersburg, Russia)
We can't be held responsible for your
broken heart because you did not get
one of our kittens.   

Just be brave and check back later.  
Perhaps we will let you get one.
YAWNNN, yep, up from my nap time for some lunch.... perhaps some catnip...
WHAT the helloooooo!  Who left these here!?
A Day in Cracker Jack's life.....
I countz 1-2-3-4 more mouths to feed.....
AND this one sniffs like a TROUBLE MAKER!
Dis one sniffs like some kind of hairy rabbit!
Definitely some kind of rabbit.... cute little thing though......
Think, THINK... What to do here.....
All right, listen up, yous guys gonna be mouse catchers!!
And you brings me all your cat nip .... You listening?   Dey Sleepin!  
Des must be government workers!
Hope you liked your visit here.  Thank you for stopping by!
Only kind people & good children can have one of our kittens.  
All others need not apply.
Atlantis Cat Gallery
Willowbee, Cleopatra,Tinkerbelle, Harry, Shadow.
Myles down in Mexico.......
Alex down at the Mayan Ruins in Mexico~
Beautiful pictures from Alena Of Del Iris  St. Petersburg, Russia!
< ^ The leader of the pack.  Gorgeous male, flock coat.
Going to a breeder /show home. Meet Taylor.  
Call me bald ONE MORE time and we seez what happens..........
Meet Sephirah, she has the swagger of a champion.  
Sephirah is in the loving hands of Max and Dottie.
This is a Male flock coated peterbald.  
Foster has gone to Katherine's loving home!
Ponce De Leon has gone
Who is so happy she can't believe it!
(told ya he was cool).
ET..... Phone home.....
Meet my Little Friend "Sir Harry Pacino" now with
Helen & her Family!  
This is Little Princess Anastasia.
A straight coated Female Peterbald.
Anastasia is in love with Crystal now.
The Princess And her Guard Kitten!
Fur coat & Diamonds.....
I'm ready to go shopping for cat nip~
Photo By: Crystal Willis
This little guy has gone to live with
Creighton & Rodney!
Meet Thora (female),  she's everything and more than you could wish for.
Thora is in Vicki's loving hands.
Little Zeus is playful and smart!
Zeus is  right where he belongs in Vicki's loving hands.
This is Little Anushka!
Anushka is in Praba & Ronnie's Loving hands.
This is Princess Pink Diamond
The "Princess" is loving and living with Charlene & Carlos now!
Mr. Whiskers Now in Kylie's loving hands.
Quit pullin my pants!
Hairless cats and hairless kittens are some of the most rare hairless animals in the world.  Peterbald cats and Peterbald kittens
are like Sphynx hairless cats and hairless kittens but Peterbald cats and Peterbald kittens are more rare.  With less hair and less
work.  Peterbald hairless cats and peterbald hairless kittens come from hairless kittens and hairless rare cats in the United States
and in Georgia.  Buying hairless Peterbalds is made easy by this well known breeder Atlantis Cats.  This TICA registered
hairless cat and hairless kitten breeder has hairless kittens for sale, again these are not the sphynx hairless cats or hairless
kittens they are called Peterbald hairless kittens or Peterbald hairless cats.  Rare and unusual animals or cats are the Peterbald..  
This United states breeder of the hairless kitten or hairless cat carries Peterbalds for sale.  Peterbalds are TICA registered and
vet approved with PCR testing.  Peterbalds are better than Sphynx hairless cats or hairless kittens because the Peterbald does
not have the problems or diseases that the Sphynx hairless cat carries.  If looking for hairless cats or hairless kittens you must
look to Atlantis Cats for your next pet of a hairless cat or hairless kitten.  The only hairless cats you should buy are from
Atlantis cats because they PCR test and are TICA registered.  When you say Peterbald you say Atlantis Cats.  When you say
hairless cats or hairless kittens you are saying Atlantis, say Sphynx hairless cats or Sphynx hairless kittens and you are
looking for Atlantis cats.  Peterbald said 3 times will bring you home to Atlantis cats.  Hairless Peterbald kittens and hairless
cats.  Get a Peterbald hairless cat or a Peterbald hairless kitten cats.  No fur no problem, no hair no problem, cats without hair,
less hair less mess.  No hair on kittens or no hair on cats.  Never a sphynx always a Peterbald.  HAIRLESS CATS HAIRLESS
KITTENS or CATS WITH NO HAIR is the way to go.
~Below Photos just in from Jeni & Marc~
WANT fresh chicken necks & raw steak!  
And, somethin about live mice was involved.....
To Market, to Market to Buy a
Gray  Mouse to Eat!  tee hee
"Lady Godiva of Atlantis"
Lovely, near Naked Female is
To Alexandra & John
Stanley & Spencer
To Jennifer & Her Family!
"Nikolai Kitas' ducat"  
Beautiful Flock Male
To Lesley & David
"Nika of Atlantis"
Beautiful Flock Female
to Julia & Family.
~Beautiful Annastasia with her new kitten: Lady Godiva~
I am in LOVE with my new family!
I got new toys AND HELLO KITTY!
Cat beds are not just for CATS!
Prince Harry Nudels, lovely, near naked, rare colored pointed male.  
Eyes the color of sea blue jewels.
Has gone to go live with Linda!
^ A straight coated Peterbald male.  
Atticus has beautiful blue eyes & has gone to live with Cynthia & her family.
^ Baldwin is a precious naked, chocolate pointed male.
Smart and Beautiful with ocean blue eyes.
Has gone to his new, fantastic forever home.
My friends are all stunned.....
Will my dog get along with a Peterbald?
It all depends on your doggie.
What about 2 doggies?
Night in the City
Joni Mitchell
If it isn't a Peterbald,
It's just a cat.
The revolution is
only a T-shirt away.
'Pyewacket', a very rare, naked and large show/breeder kitten.  
Every Peterbald breeders dream kitten.
The human kids...Scout & Myles.
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sphynx kittens for sale.  Hairless cat for sale.  
Hairless kitten for sale.
Queens:  Tesla & St. Marlo, Are seal pointed, flock coats,
Perfect mothers.
Olivia is a soft, flocked female.  
Beautiful blue eyes and loving personality.
Going with her sister Thea on her new journey!
Glenna and Runtel sitting on a plane.....
Erasmus Deuce  is a wild haired brush coated male.  He looks to be blue
pointed.  He's very loving but very playful.  He might lose his coat but, in the
event he doesn't he was priced at $1Million Dollars, plus shipping.
Chai, what's to be said about this baby boy but he is just what you wanted!  
But, you can't have him he is gone, gone, gone.
The Cast of Characters...
Chai singing to Runtel....
Kita is the stud, a blue pointed, flock coated Peterbald.
'Pyewacket', a very rare, naked and large show/breeder kitten.  
Every Peterbald breeders dream kitten.
~ SOLD ~
Oscar & Sephirah
All the kittens from this litter are SOLD!  
Don't cry, get on our waiting list and maybe (just maybe) you might get one from our next litter.
* Only good & kind people need to inquire.