Here is how to make a sock sweater:  Take a nice white athletic sock and cut the toe off, cut the cuff down
about 1 inch, then put 2 holes about 1 1/2" long on both sides (for arm holes).  See diagram.  Use the
correct size sock for cat size (i.e. For adult cats use large & tall men's sock for smaller cats use kids

CAREFUL, older cats that are not used to wearing something might not like this.  
You can add decorations like buttons, but just be sure to sew them on well (or you can just paint them on
with fabric paint). BE WATCHFUL!  Don't let cats get tangled in their sock sweater.
Coming up:  So, you want a litter of
babies.  It isn't as easy as yard cats
would have you believe!  Tips on what
can make the difference between the
Peterbald litter living or dieing.

** Update on this, after talking with
many other Peterbald breeders and
thinking it over, it would be better (if
you want to breed the Peterbald) to
contact the person you bought your cat
from or an experienced Peterbald
breeder.  The death rate can be VERY
high.  The only way to avoid killing
your Queen or the babies is to have
someone help you.

Get help, once you're holding a dead
baby in your's too late
(and it will break your heart).
What are you doing down here?  Silly Monkey.  
This seasons lovely winter ensemble is simply called:
"Husband's Sock"
Q: What are the hairless breeds of cats?

A: Here ^ we see the 3 breeds, from left to right (Peterbald/Donskoy/Sphynx).  Which is better?  The PETERBALD of course
Why? Because, it is more rare, they are not greasy, do not have major health issues & they look more elegant like an
oriental cat.  The Don is a wonderful loving cat, but looks like a regular cat without hair.  The Sphynx are too greasy for me
and have too many health issues.

Q:  Do you think tattooing is okay to do to a naked cat?

A:  no.  Regardless of how you may feel about tattoos & piercing on cats, the breeders of the Peterbald, Donskoy and
Sphynx see this as animal cruelty.  The animals did not ask to have ring dings attached or to go under anesthesia
(which is dangerous).  Any time you put an animal under anesthesia you risk it's life and lower it's immunity.   New laws
are being passed to stop this practice.  Personally, I have no problem with you using washable markers, but remember
cats absorb through their skin.  This is why putting too much flea dip in the bath will kill a cat.   Put a sweater or a
colorful harness on your animal, it looks so much better than a tattoo anyway.

Q:  How do you feel about new breeders for the Peterbald?

A:  Love, love, love new breeders!  As long as you start with the best breeders you can find, PCR test all your litters  
before they are placed with others and stand behind your kittens 100%.  This isn't a great way to make money either,
so never go into it for that reason.  Also, keep your numbers down to avoid illness, no cages (exceptions for
breeding males) as long as you take him out all the time.  The fact is, the Peterbald unlike other breeds must have
human companionship, they will become sick & die without it.  They want to sleep with you and think they are human.

Each and every cats personality & temperament must be considered.  Queens need 100% attention or they will let their
litter die.  This isn't an easy breed to breed unless you truly love the breed.  They are rare & most unusual. Consult an
experienced PD breeder on how to choose breeding pairs, because my dear, if you pick wrong, you'll spend thousands of
dollars at the vets and may not even end up with kittens.  

Q:  I'm thinking I'll get 2 naked cats and that way I can have LOTS of naked kittens!  Is that a good idea?

A:  NO!  Never, but NEVER breed naked to naked.  You won't end up with more naked kittens, you'll end up with DEAD kittens.

Q:  I have a Sphynx cat & I'm thinking I'll mate it with a Peterbald, what do you think?

A:  NO!  That is like asking can you mate a pitt bull with a poodle!  They are 2 different breeds!  Nobody will want
those kittens, they will not be registered/papered and PD people will NOT be happy!  Just don't do it.

Q:  What are the allowable out crosses for the Peterbald?

A:  Another Peterbald, Siamese and Oriental Short Hair (may I suggest only using another PD or a Siamese at this time).

Q:  This is such a strange breed of cat, what hair types are there and which one is best?

A:  Very strange indeed!  In one litter you can have a naked, flock and a straight coat or even a brush coat.  The most
popular is the flock coat because, it still looks naked but has a soft down (which seems to keep it cleaner).  That said
if you want a big baby on your hands get a naked.  The naked kittens are not the best for breeding just for pets.  My
favorite is a flock coat or hair losing with fur points.

Here is an example of a hair losing Peterbald with fur
points (at a young age she would be called flock), >>>
but turned into a cat that looks naked except for fuzz on
it's paws & mussel. * note the freaky whiskers! (another
sign it is a PD, wild whiskers).

Q: Are you saying that cat lost that fuzz?  I want to see a picture of it NOW! With no hair.......

A: Here she is (the seal pointed one giving attitude).

Q:  When do they have their FINAL coat?

A:  Some kittens just stay the way they were born, but by 2 years of age (3 at the very most) that is the coat you will have.

Q:  I want a kitten, but I'm afraid I'll get a sick one, everyone tells me their's are the best, who do I believe?  How can I
protect myself?

A:  This answer probably should be at the top of my Q&A; This was my dilemma when I started, who to believe.  Many
breeders mean well, some talk a good game.  You go by FACTS.  See if the kittens litter was PCR tested (then ask for the
copy of that report)  ** BEFORE you buy.  IF the breeder doesn't PCR test, it doesn't mean they are bad; even a lot of vets
are not up on PCR (it is the new gold standard in testing for illness in ALL types of animals (dogs, cats, zoo animals etc.).

Just have an agreement with your breeder that once you get the animal you will PCR test & if it fails you want a full
refund.  PCR is a God send to animal breeders and new owners.  In PCR testing, nucleic acid -- DNA or RNA -- is
isolated from the specimen, then amplified (after an extra reverse transcription step in the case of RNA).  Read this one  
page & you will know more than most breeders & many vets:   

Again, IF your breeder or Vet do not know about PCR it doesn't make them bad, it just means you do the homework.
Vaccinations can affect the results of PCR, check with Zoologix or your vet how to avoid a false/positive.

Another thing you can ask the breeder, how was the birth, did the mother have milk?  You want your kittens from a
strong Queen.  One that had lots of milk.  Supplemental feeding is fine (even good) but the Queen should have milk for her
babies (they get support for their immune systems from this first milk).

Q:   I'm allergic to cats will I still be allergic to a hairless cat?

A:   YES!  It is the saliva you are allergic to.  I have seen it first hand (no matter what any hairless cat breeder tells you,
you will have a reaction, and it can be bad.  Read about it here and the possible cat you can get:

Q:   Are there any new treatments for allergies on the horizon so we can get a cat one day?

A:   Maybe.  Read this article:

Q:   Do you cage your animals?

A:   No.  Ours are family.  If we cage it is for training only (for a short period).  Babies are sequestered in a room for their
  safety.  But, the mothers roam the house freely.   

Q:  Where do your cats sleep?

A:  Usually with us... I mean ME!  They run hot too, great in the winter.

                     GET UP, WANT FOOD!

*New tips & tricks will be added as we go.
Bath Time:  When giving a bath, have all your supplies open and ready.  Wear thin winter gloves to bathe
your animal.  Winter gloves hold shampoo and help hold hairless kittens (these work better than facial
gloves which can be too harsh on cats skin).  Have a dry towel close by to wrap the clean kitty in.  
Fill your tub with warm water, add some shampoo to soften the water.  
Shampoos to have on hand (and open) are:

Earthbath Natural Shampoo (works great I got it at PetSmart) good stuff.
EQyss (by Micro Tek) Equine Shampoo.  Love this stuff!
Sulf Oxy Dex Shampoo (by IVX Animal Health, Inc) (use on tails & under chin)
Hartz Whitener Shampoo (for white & light coats)
White vinegar (
rinse with a water & vinegar solution, then final rinse in clear water).
Hexadene Shampoo by Virbac

* I have all these shampoos (and more) so I can change them around, but you can just get one or two;
I'd get a medicated one & just a regular shampoo like Earthbath Natural Shampoo.
Do NOT get water into their ears (this can cause yeast in the ears). *yeast looks like black gunk in the ears.  
To remove this, clean with "swimmers ears" medication.  2 or 3 drops in each ear (clean the ear with it first
on a cotton pad, then add 2 drops to each ear).  Even better, get Epi-Otic" by Virbac, this is an ear cleaner.   
You can either get it at your vet or Google it and find the best price.

If you have a major problem with ear yeast use Epi Otic daily for two weeks and you will see it clear up
totally.  If it continues see a vet.

Very important,
talk to your baby kitten or cat, this will help relax her, fill her bath before you bring the cat
to the bath (to avoid her hearing water running).  Trimming the nails before the bath will help if she is wild.  
If you play with your kitten for a minute before the bath, this will help settle them.

Have your towel ready by the bath.  Take time to dry under the legs and in the folds of skin.
Baby oil (lavender) works wonders on their bottoms.  Don't have any baby oil on hand?  You can use olive
oil (it is natural, but you will want to get baby oil, it smells much better).
*One more tip, put your shampoos in a pump bottle (easier to use), and if you don't have any gloves turn a
sock inside out and put that on one hand to help wash.
*** Note: The Peterbald does NOT need a bath all the time.  Maybe once a month at the most, our lines stay very
clean & need no more than 4 baths per year.  You can use a baby wipe in between (and we are very fussy).
Cracker Jack of Atlantis
I bet they are playing with cats!
Al Stewart
Year of the Cat
 And, I want proof!  
(so demanding).

* Can you toilet train the Peterbald?
* Do they get along with DOGS!?
* Can you leash train them!?
This is Noel, Bullet and Kahluah!  Noel is Ms. Doggie.  
She thinks Kahluah and Bullet are her babies!

* Thank you Karen for the use of your lovely photos for our site.
EVERY TIME I go in the bathroom one of those HUMANS,  has to follow me in!
HEY, how about a little privacy?

*Bullet & Kahluah are not amused.
THIS is Fennel!  He ain't afraid of no dog!  Oh yeah, styling & profiling at the dog park.

* Thank you Tessa for letting us show off FENNEL on our web page.