Before buying from us, we suggest you look at all the other Peterbalds available and,
become familiar with them.  Once you have done so, we are confident you will return to us.

We spend a lot of time and money on our cats.  They are members of our family and we love
them.  We understand you are looking for the best possible companion you can locate also.  
We will NEVER ship an animal with any problems and all of our cats will be vet approved.  
Our number one wish is to provide you with a healthy animal, we want you to be overjoyed
when they arrive.  And, feel fortunate that you have them.  

Most of our breeder cats have come directly from Russia.  All are vet approved for health.  Our
veterinarian is available upon request and we are featured on his web site.   Litters are PCR
tested for Upper Respiratory Infections before they are placed, and all vaccinations are up to date.

Virginia Mannino
Atlantis Cats
Proud Member of TICA
Peterbald Health Committee
Peterbald Breeders Group
FIFe Cat Club Winner
WCF Russian Cat Federation Producer